UK CLD Summit 2014

For the last two days I have been at the inaugural UK CLD Summit at the NI offices in Newbury (conveniently 15 minutes walk so no excuses not to!).

It was an excellent event where I still meet developers that I haven’t met before and catch up with those I do. My big takeaways were:

  1. Working through an MVC framework idea with a group of developers in the developer jam, inspired by multiple presentations on the subject. You can find the results on bitbucket which are still rough but watch this space, this is a project that I want to continue after the event with some community backing.
  2. I’m convinced about the idea of working with open document formats to reduce dependencies which Steve discusses in his blog post and covered in the Central South User Group.
  3. Monkey’s and Teddy Bears will help my business!
  4. I need to get better at talking to people between these events.

Whats more, it has continued to convince me that as a community we achieve so much more together than apart. Over various discussions the topic came up at how much we work from the ground up where many people have all off the pieces. It must be possible to increase productivity in LabVIEW if the community can bridge some of the gaps or just build on top of the existing offering from NI. I feel some rambling coming which I will save for another post for now!

For now it is great to get fellow LabVIEW geeks together, I look forward to the next time and I think others enjoyed it as much as I did. If you like the sound of it I would highly recommend finding your local user group, or start one if there isn’t one near you, all you need is a few LabVIEW engineers and a room to get started!

I will also post my presentation here in the next few days with some thoughts that I didn’t manage to get to on the day.

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