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What Tools Do You Use?

So last week I bought something I would never dream there was any use for, a gaming mouse mat. I’ve always been a little concerned that gaming hardware is normal hardware in angry cases with a nice mark up but it has been fantastic.

For those that haven’t tried one it now feels like my mouse is running on an air hockey table making it faster and more responsive.

What I want to do today is ask you, what tools must you have for LabVIEW development?

I want to write these up into an article so feel free to comment below, tweet them (@wiresmithtech) or get them to me in anyway.

The more unexpected or unusual the better as I want to make my desk a LabVIEW developers paradise!


  • B

    October 8, 2014

    If you’re using a wired mouse, a mouse bungee can be invaluable.

  • Richard Thomas

    October 8, 2014

    Bluetooth mouse, using a nano receiver instead of the built in bluetooth. Much better than having a mouse with a wire on it, so much more freedom, which is essential when placing the wiring tool on that very specific pixel!

  • Ching-Hwa Yu

    October 23, 2014

    Graphics tablet… after years of mousing, I discovered that I had finer control with a stylus. It also eliminated any potential issues with repetitive motion when used as an alternative input device.

  • Dawid Wozny

    January 4, 2015

    I bought Razer Naga Hex:
    The initial idea was to have additional quickdrop shortcuts using keys placed on the mouse but it is far more better.
    1. You can emulate any key you want: I emulate one key as a Ctrl and Ctrl+Shift. It is very convinient. I just use my right hand to press Ctrl (which is on the mouse!) and then left to press the space and any key a,s,d.. etc. I don’t have to take my hand of the mouse to use quickdrop shortcuts
    2. You can set macros. I just set macro ctrl+space,ctrl+a which is run using only one button on the mouse. For example I can allign controls using only one button on the mouse.

    I am still customizing my system but so far it is just great!


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