NI Week 2014 Highlights – All Y’All

Part 3. All Y’All

It is so great to meet up with a community of like minded engineers. Many of you I would not have seen for a couple of years and I met many new people (as well as adding faces to avatars).

Talking of community, thanks to Mark Balla you can download videos of many sessions. Thanks again Mark, these are a great asset for many events where people can’t attend. Remind me, and everyone else, to buy you a beer the next time the opportunity arises.

Also Fabiola De La Cueva of Delacor recorded her excellent session on unit testing, if your interested in the concept I recommend a watch.

  I don’t get on twitter very often but I find it great with events like NI week so I will leave you with some of my favourites, consider it a #ff post!

Hope to see you all at another NI Week/NI Days/CLA Summit soon!

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